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The Telescope Collective is committed to viewing the future through the lens of the human experience. Through events, immersive theater, curation and art projects, our aim is to explore how technology can be focused for the betterment of life, and to encourage our audiences to ask challenging questions about how their values are reflected in our emerging future… and how those values may change.

Our goal is not to predict what will be, it is to project what might be. Foresight design helps us to question and be more cognizant of the possible implications of the choices we are currently making. By looking at the past, present and future, we explore the victories, missteps and acute events that have contributed to shaping our realities with the aim of fostering dialogue, debate and action with regards to both the opportunities and perils of the futures.

The work of the Telescope Collective can be next viewed at Toronto Digifest 2018, where they are exploring the Future of Work integration.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Recent Projects



A Retrospective on the World of Work from 1999-2030

The Telescope Collective was pleased to participate in Digest 2018, a festival in Toronto, Ontario which features emerging technology and highlights stories from around the globe of entrepreneurs using tech to tackle challenges. 


The exhibit

Using foresight techniques, we created a museum of the future, exploring the history of work through the Third & Fourth industrial revolutions. The intention of the exhibit was to provoke the audience into thinking critically about the future of work and our part in creating it. Featuring a timeline that spans from the Millennium to the year 2030, it explores the key events that shaped our digital infancy through our imagined digital adolescence.

To view the content of the exhibit click on the link below.

The process

The foresight process is not a means of predicting the future, but rather of harnessing our understanding of current trends and drivers to imagine multiple possible futures. With this knowledge, we can better recognize and adapt to the oncoming changes as they emerge.

The process began with a scan of the past and current trends and signposts of evolutions in the world of work. These were then used to determine the underpinning drivers of change and the unanswered uncertainties that would likely affect the Future of Work. Having determined these critical factors, we began to develop scenarios which would reflect the changes that may occur should those factors come to pass.

With these scenarios in mind, we began plotting potential signposts of these changes, and creating artifacts that would help to articulate these changes.



Who we are

The Telescope Collective is comprised of a team of Foresight Designers from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Collective met while in the Strategic Foresight & Innovation Masters program at OCADU, and continued their futuring practice together. Their work can be next viewed at Toronto Digifest 2018, where they are exploring the future of Home/Work integration in an participant co-created exhibit in the Interactive Zone.

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Merwad Abdallah

Merwad Abdallah is an experienced graphic designer; with 15+ years of experience that encompasses branding, print publication, advertising and UX/UI design. Whether working for a boutique design studio, or an international advertising agency or inhouse for a Healthcare Union, her main focus in any design project is the user and the tailored user experience across platforms. She is a natural collaborator and having been part of multidisciplinary teams across various industries further propelled her desire to uncover underlying systems and look at the bigger picture in order to find better processes to facilitate solution-finding. Merwad has a bachelors of Graphic Design for the American University of Beirut and is currently pursuing a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU. She believes that design is a proponent of change and is dedicated to continually strive for that, with intention and purpose.


Lesley Foulds

Lesley Foulds is a systems thinker with a passion for understanding and changing complex systems to create more equitable interactions for the people who make the system work. She is an engineer in training, with experience managing and implementing inspection programs for nuclear power plant components. She holds a civil engineering degree in Applied Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto and is a Masters of Design candidate in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University. Currently, she is a research assistant, studying gender equity in engineering at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering.


Ziyan Hossain

Ziyan Hossain is a multi-disciplinary strategist, with roots in technology, systems, and behavioural economics. Ziyan has worked on a variety of projects across the fields of healthcare, digital service/product design, film and music. These have involved relationships and projects with a diverse list of partners and clients including the Reel Asian Film Festival, the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health, PwC, York University, and the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science. He is a two-time regional finalist at the Hult Prize, the world's largest development focused accelerator, and winner of the 2016 IRCC Design Challenge, which led to a significant cultural restructuring at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and winner of the 2017 APF Graduate Award for work on Futures of Musi. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at OCADU where his thesis focuses on building resilient organization cultures through empathy and storytelling.



Kate Kudelka

Kate Kudelka is interested in helping people craft high-quality, high-value human experiences.  She divides her professional time between her role as a Student Services Coordinator for the School of Design at George Brown College, her academic pursuit of her Master of Design (Strategic Foresight & Innovation) at OCADU, and her freelance work facilitating workshops based on a participatory design methodology. Her years of service in higher education have provided her with a deep understanding of the rewards and challenges of human-centred design. This wealth of knowledge is harnessed through the empathy skills honed in her previous career as a theatre artist and the strategic thinking employed in her project design work. Kate holds a Bachelor of Music (Honors Voice Performance) from the University of Western Ontario, and an Advanced Diploma (Theatre Arts Performance) from George Brown College.

fran quintero rawings headshot.jpg

Frances Rawlings Quintero

Frances Rawlings Quintero is a Latinx community organizer, passionate problem solver and  systemic designer. She is passionate about working  on projects that improve both the human and design experience, especially those at the intersection between social justice and broader systemic change.  She has worked with multiple stakeholders in many sectors including community services, health, youth programming, immigrant and refugee services, and women’s issues. Her interests include social innovation, women's rights, civic engagement, participatory design, service design, community development and engagement.


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